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Mmm. Getting better. I think you just need the right motivation.
— Rick to Barbara

Rick was the boyfriend of Barbara Finch. He disappeared on the night of Barbara's death on October 31, 1960,[1] leading the police to determine him as the culprit behind it. He is featured in the October 1961 issue of the horror comic Dreadful Stories, which retells the events surrounding Barbara's demise.


Within the Dreadful Stories issue, Rick is portrayed as Barbara's "biggest fan" who desires to return her to her former stardom, enough to trick Barbara into believing he was in danger in order to frighten her into gaining back her trademark scream. He acts dismissive of Barbara's feelings when she rebukes him for his prank, leaving their relationship on bad terms. As this comic is the only depiction of Rick shown in the game, it is unknown whether the actual Rick had acted the same way.


Rick is a tall, broad man with brown hair and black sunglasses. He wears a green and yellow letterman jacket featuring Orcas Island logos, blue jeans, and a green sneaker. During the events of the comic, he wears a white cast on his left leg and supports himself with two crutches. While attempting to scare Barbara, he dons a large Bigfoot mask with darkened eyes, large fangs, and red lips.


On Barbara's memorial shrine, Edith can go through the Dreadful Stories issue placed at the center of her memorial, in which Rick is shown helping Barbara prepare for her upcoming convention appearance. After the convention is called off and the two hear a loud noise from the basement, Rick goes downstairs to investigate; twenty minutes later, Barbara decides to follow him and finds one of his crutches lying at the bottom of the stairs.

After walking to the end of the basement and approaching the rattling fridge, Rick jumps out with a Bigfoot mask in an attempt to scare her, only to be whacked over the head by his own crutch. Upstairs, Barbara takes Rick to the house's front door and slams it in his face. She keeps one of his crutches, likely leaving him stranded at the door.


The developer signatures on Rick's version of the cast.

  • Rick's leg cast texture is based off of Calvin's, with Rick's being less dirty and yellowed as well as missing signatures from Walter, Sam, and someone named Samantha.
    • As their casts are otherwise the same, Rick's cast features signatures from many of the game's developers.



  1. Barbara's gravestone states her death date as October 31, 1960.