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My mom spent months searching for my brother. Then she sealed the doors.
Edith Finch

Introduction Edit

Milton Finch (ˈmɪl.tən ˈfɪntʃ | Miltin Finch) is the secondborn and the second son of Sanjay and Dawn, the younger brother of Lewis, and the older brother of Edith. Milton disappeared for unknown reasons in 2003 (a year after his father's death) at the age of 11 years old, when his sister Edith was only 4 years old. He was never found since.

Personality Edit

Milton is a prodigy child and was very passionate about painting in particular. His room, styled to look like a castle, is filled with paintings and art supplies.

Gameplay Edit

Milton's story plays out as a cartoonish flipbook that he made. It is titled "Milton Finch in 'The Magic Paintbrush'". When Edith picks it up, she flips through the pages to animate the story. In the story, Milton is working on a drawing of a man, which comes to life and gives him a paintbrush. Milton proceeds to use the paintbrush to make a flipbook (implied to be the one Edith is holding). The perspective zooms in on this flipbook, wherein Milton uses the brush to paint a black door with a gold knob. He turns the knob and opens the door before stepping through it, bowing, and closing the door. At this point, the flipbook ends and Edith puts it down.

Trivia Edit

  • Many of Milton's "Missing" posters can be found scattered throughout the game
  • Besides Milton being "The King" from The Unfinished Swan, another game by Giant Sparrow, his room has several other references:
    • There is a model of a boat with two balloons on top of it, as well as a painting that resembles structures from The Unfinished Swan.
    • Additionally, the music that plays in Milton's room is a reprise of the themeClarify from The Unfinished Swan.

References Edit

  1. Milton's gravestone in the Finch cemetery