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For 500 hundred years the Finches have been famous through-out Norway for their fortune... and misfortune. Odin Finch buries the latest victims of the Family Curse: his wife Ingeborg and their newborn son Johann.
— The ViewMaster recount of Odin's story.

Johann Finch was the son of Odin Finch and Ingeborg Finch who died when he was still a newborn in What Remains of Edith Finch. Not much is known about him, apart from that he was born and died in Norway where Odin and Ingeborg used to live and was buried there.


  • Johann may be named after Johann Ly, the game's audio and unlockables programmer. Johann's name also makes an appearance on Calvin's cast during his flashback.
    • This would make sense, as there is an achievement for seeing Johann's name which pops during the end credits when Johann Ly's name is seen on the screen.