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Edith "Edie" Finch (ˈiːd.ɪθ ˈe.di ˈfɪntʃ) was the wife of Sven Finch and the maternal great-grandmother of Edith Finch, she was also the firstborn and the only daughter of original family patriarch Odin Finch. Of the Finches, she lived the longest at 93 and experienced every one of their lives and deaths.

Appearance Edit

Edie makes her first appearance in the game in her daughter Molly's story when Molly turns into a cat (Not to be confused with Molly the Cat) and looks into Sven (Edie's husband) and Edie's room where she is in bed.

Her voice can be heard earlier in the story with a Norwegian accent since she is from Norway. Edie can also be seen through the projector story where you learn about her in Norway where she is seen leaving to America with her Husband, Sven and their daughter Molly. Her voice can be heard in her son Calvin's story when she calls them for dinner. She is also seen in her daughter Barbara's story when she is taking Sven to a hospital after he slipped into a table saw.

Her last appearance was the story of what happened the night they left. Edie later died in the story possibly due to killing herself.

Personality Edit

Story Edit

Edith "Edie" Finch was born on April 8, 1917 in Norway from Odin and Ingeborg.

At some point, Edie had a little brother named Johann who would die along with their mother.

Edie married a man named Sven Hodstaff (who took her last name and known as Sven Finch), nine month later, Edie gave birth their first daughter, Molly, born on December 11, 1937, who would be the last Finch born in Norway.

Edie along with her husband, daughter and father she would sail their house from Norway to America. The house sank killing Odin, and when Edie, Sven and Molly arrived in America, Sven built the house and buried Odin in the new Finch Cemetery.

Seven years later, Edie gave birth their second daughter, Barbara, born on October 31, 1944, who would be the first Finch born in America.

Molly died on December 13, 1947, two days after her tenth birthday (possibly of accidental poisoning).

Three years later, Edie gave birth two twins, Sam and Calvin, borns on April 25, 1950.

Two years later, Edie gave birth their third son, Walter, born on August 26, 1952.

A serial killer murdered Barbara on her 16th birthday which was also Halloween on October 31, 1960.

Calvin would die a year later at the age of only 11 years old, after flying off the backyard swing.

Edie's husband was crushed by a dragon slide he was making for Walter's 12th birthday on August 26, 1964, Walter hid in a hidden room in the basement where Edie would bring him food.

Sometime later, her son Sam married a woman named Kay Carlyle, Edie became a grandmother when Sam and Kay had their first and only daughter, Dawn, born in 1968.

A year later, Sam and Kay had their second son, Gus, born on June 20, 1969.

Seven years later, Sam and Kay had their third son, Gregory, born on January 12, 1976.

Edie lived another death when on December 19, 1977, her grandson Gregory drowned to death in the bathtub a month before his second birthday in the pink bathroom which is connected to Edie's bedroom (which one door is from inside her room to inside the bathroom, and the other door leads out to the hallway with multiple rooms including the entrance door to Edie's room meaning you can run in a circle repeatedly).

After Sam and Kay divorced, Sam moved on and married an unnamed woman who became the step-mother of his two surviving children, Dawn and Gus, during the wedding on November 8, 1982, Gus (who hated his step-mother) was flying his kite in the rain when Gus was killed in the storm.

The next year, Sam died on June 16, 1983, after he was pushed off a cliff by a deer while hunting.

Years later, her granddaughter Dawn married a man named Sanjay Kumar, Edie became a great-grandmother when Dawn and Sanjay had their first son, Lewis, born on December 27, 1988.

Four years later, Dawn and Sanjay had their second son, Milton, born on May 19, 1992.

Seven years later, Dawn and Sanjay had their third and only daughter, Edith born on February 14, 1999 (Edith was named after her, and Edith was also the main character in the game which told the story).

In 2003, her great-grandson Milton disappeared and wasn't seen again but is so known he is connected to the Unfinished Swan and had a son named Monroe Finch who would be Edie's great-great-grandson.

In 2005, Walter (Edie's last surviving child) died after he was hit by a train.

In 2010, her great-grandson Lewis died after his head was chopped off while distracted at his job at the cannery, Lewis's death was the last death Edie experienced.

Edith and Dawn moved out, and Edie died that night, she was discovered next morning by the nursing home workers who were going to take her to a nursing home, Edie likely killed herself by mixing her medication with alcohol.

Edie outlived her parents, her brother and all of her children, she outlived two out of three of her grandchildren (Dawn died six years after Edie's death) who were Gus, and Gregory, she also outlived one out of three of her great-grandchildren who were Lewis (Milton does not count since he only disappeared, and Edith died seven years after Edie).

Seven years after Edie's death, Edith had a son named Christopher who would be Edie's great-great-grandson.

Gameplay Edit

You get to play Edie at the ending of the game where the story takes place on February 14, 1999 (The day of Edith's birth) Edie was walking towards the old sunken house while you control (This was possible cause the tide went low).

Trivia Edit

  • Edie lived from April 8, 1917 - December 5, 2010 making her 93 years old at the time of her death and on the April 8, 2019 she would be 102 years old.
  • Edie is interpreted by her granddaughter Dawn to be the unwitting instigator of doom who is responsible for most of the deaths in her family due to her belief in a family curse that helps justify one's mistakes and losses, resulting in the brooding of one's self-destruction.[2] Another interpretation adopted by Edith, however, is that Edie is a woman who accepts and understands that death is a natural part of life and is not to be feared, leading to Edith developing an anti-nihilistic view on life.
    • Adding to this dotpoint, Edie has experienced almost every death of a Finch member as a result of her continuing consciousness, creating a "Trauma Conga Line" effect.
  • It is unknown what Edie's fate was after Dawn departed with Edith from the house. However, considering the argument between Edie and Dawn from earlier, it can be assumed she mixed her medication with alcohol and drank it, committing suicide after falling into a state of despair.

References Edit

  1. Edie's grave, which can be seen here.
  2. For example, Molly Finch's death was caused by eating gerbil food, toothpaste, and holly berries subsequently, her hunger convincing Molly to do so being the result of Edie sending her to bed without supper