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Edie told me all Barbara wanted was to be remembered. As absurd as that comic was, maybe what Edie saw was a happy ending.

Dreadful Stories is a series of comics in What Remains of Edith Finch. In the game, only the October 1961 issue chronicling Barbara Finch's demise is shown.

Graphic details of the volume[]

The issue in the game was sold for 10 cents. It was released in October 1961. The front cover mostly consists of a title Dreadful Stories and an image of Barbara holding a crutch and screaming over a shadow figure only fully visible to her. The word "TERROR" is written in the upper left. In the bottom-left corner is a pumpkin-headed creature called "Old Jack". On the back, a bloody ear with a piercing lays inside a music box.


  • Dreadful Stories may be an allusion to the 1990s anthology series Tales from the Crypt, which had a similar premise of a monstrous host with a tendency to make puns narrating a self-contained horror story each episode.



  1. Said after completing the comic.