What Remains of Edith Finch Wiki

The following is a list of all known deceased members of the Finch Family.

Family Member Birth/Death Date Cause of Death Extra Notes
Johann Finch ???-??? Died of unknown causes. Exact cause of death unknown; likely to have died in the womb.
Ingeborg Finch ???-??? Died of unknown causes. Cause of death unknown; likely to have had a miscarriage hence why her child dies at birth.
Odin Finch 1880–1937 Drowned while attempting to sail his house across the ocean due to strong waves.
Molly Finch 1937–1947 Died due to food poisoning.

(or starved to death but this is unconfirmed.)

Exact cause of death unknown; likely succumbed to swallowing a tube of fluoride toothpaste, eating poisonous holly berries or ate by 'something'.
Barbara Finch 1944–1960 Unknown. Exact cause of death unknown; supposedly murdered by a serial killer on Halloween night.
Calvin Finch 1950–1961 Successfully went in a loop while swinging, but flew off a cliff after the swing had wrapped around the tree branch it was on.
Sven Finch 1915–1964 Crushed after a dragon-themed slide that he had been building collapsed on him. When Edie is asked about how Sven died, she says that he was killed by a dragon.
Gregory Finch 1976–1977 Drowned in the bathtub after he had been left alone and turned the water back on.
Gus Finch 1969–1982 Was crushed by tent equipment after refusing to go indoors in a storm.
Sam Finch 1950–1983 Knocked off a cliff by a deer that was shot by Dawn.
Sanjay Kumar 1966–2002 Unknown. Implied to have been killed in an earthquake somewhere in India on a rescue mission. Sanjay is the only known deceased Finch Family member without the last name "Finch".
Walter Finch 1952–2005 Hit by a train after walking out onto the tracks.
Lewis Finch 1988–2010 Decapitated by a salmon de-header Suicide.
Edie Finch 1917–2010 Mixed pills and alcohol.~Suicide May have purposefully caused a fatal interaction with alcohol and medicine. She is said to never wake up again when the nursing home tried to pick her up the next day after Dawn and Edith left.
Dawn Finch 1968–2016 Died of an unknown terminal illness.
Edith Finch 1999–2017 unknown. Exact cause unknown; implied to have died during childbirth while giving birth to Christopher. Edith’s death is the latest known death of the Finch Family.