Dawn Finch was the firstborn and only daughter of Sam and Kay, and the older sister of Gus and Gregory. She was also the wife of Sanjay and the mother of Lewis, Milton, and Edith. Dawn died from an unknown disease at the age of 48 years old when her daughter was only 16 years old.

Appearance Edit

Dawn was a middle-aged woman with fair-skinned, blonde hair, blue eyes and glasses.

Personality Edit

During her childhood, Dawn had an interest in reading and learning.[1] Although she eventually warmed up to adventuring outside in nature, she didn't take to developing survival skills as Sam originally intended and she regretted shooting a stag to appease her father, suggesting she may have had a gentler nature.

As deaths occurred in the family around her, Dawn sought to distance herself from painful reminders of her father's and brothers' deaths.

Story Edit

As Dawn aged, she became an intense and emotionally reserved individual. Following the deaths in her family, she developed an interest in spirituality and religion, as described by her daughter Edith, which helped her cope with her grief. When she graduated, she applied herself in humanitarian aid, travelling as far as India, where she met her future husband, Sanjay.

Following her husband's death, Dawn returned with her children to her family house. She homeschooled her children, seeking to pass on values of science and critical thinking.

After Lewis's death and Milton's disappearance, Dawn chose to distance herself from the Finch house again. She believed her grandmother's interest in remembering the tragic history and legends surrounding their family was what ultimately shaped their demise.

She died years later of an unspecified disease, with her daughter Edith at her side.

Trivia Edit

  • Dawn lived from 1968–2016 making her 48 years old at the time of her death and in 2019 she would be 51 years old.

References Edit

  1. Demonstrated when she carried her books with her on a hunting trip with her father, Sam.